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What are the Compelling Reasons for Selling Your Home through Home Storeys?

Souvik has been somewhat restless of late. His wife, Supriya, thought it was because of work pressures in the office. But she was wrong.

Although work pressure increased in the office because of the new lucrative contract their company bagged recently, Souvik was more concerned about his family matters.

A small discussion over a cup of coffee, while their daughters went to their private tuition, clarified the reason.

Growing Children — Happiness & Concerns

Before we tell you the details of the conversation between the husband and wife, let us devote a little time to the context.

Souvik works in the IT Sector and his office is in Salt Lake, Sector 5. Supriya is associated with an NGO.

Their twin daughters study in class 8 now in a reputed CBSE school in the city.

The family lives in a 2 BHK apartment in New Town. They bought the apartment quite a long time back when their daughters were just born.

‘A long time has passed,’ Souvik often thinks about those days.

Now, their twin daughters, Rina and Tina, have grown up and space is already a constraint in their home.

Grown-up children need their personal space; even in modest city apartments, arrangements should be made to grant them their space.

They need to build a world of their own.

Their 2 BHK home is not right to meet these requirements and something must be done fast to resolve the problem.

Selling the Flat to Raise Money

They went over their finances and an uncomfortable reality dawned on them.

They need to sell their home to raise money for another apartment. It would surely cost more because it will be 3 BHK or maybe even 4 BHK.

Souvik and Supriya had no clue about selling an apartment and a few questions stared at them.

What is the best way to fix the sale price? Is it based on the circle rate? Or the rate of new flats? Why should a buyer choose an old one at the price of a new one? If they lower the price too much then they will make a loss. How to choose the sweet spot?

Souvik decided to test the waters and find out more information.

He started making inquiries to his neighbours and local property agents.

After talking to several people, he was as confused as earlier.

Firstly, the circle rate as a determinant of resale flat price is useless. And new flat prices nearby also varied widely, depending on factors like location and amenities.

He was getting a little relaxed when his co-worker in his office shared a piece of advice.

“Why don’t you talk to professionals who will be able to arrive at the correct valuation of your flat?”

“Who is that person?” asked Souvik, “I am looking for him.”

“I will put you on to that person,” assured Souvik’s co-worker and friend.

And in no time, Souvik was talking to that person.

Souvik Met a Home Advisor

Souvik was pleasantly surprised to observe the depth of Kolkata property sector knowledge Sachin has. Sachin is a Home Advisor with Home Stooreys from the house of NK Realtors.

It seems that Sachin can tell you about the real estate industry’s internal details of every locality, every street, and every lane of Kolkata. 

Souvik shared his issue with Sachin.

Immediately, Sachin started talking about Souvik’s options.

Souvik’s home-selling journey started.

The First Step

Souvik had purchased his current home years back and invested some money in decor, maintenance, and upgrades. Based on this information, Sachin arrived at the cost of the acquisition of his present home.

Then he went on to tell him about fixing the sale price.

Fixing the sale price is an art as there are various factors to consider. However, the benefit of working with Home Storeys is that the process is transparent and unlike local agents, there is no other agent as a stakeholder.

Finding a Buyer

Home Storeys is from the house of NK Realtors. NK Realtors is the largest property marketing company in Kolkata with 35+ years of background.

Because of the goodwill and wide network, Home Storeys receives a large number of homebuyers’ inquiries daily.

“It is much easier for Home Storeys to get a buyer for Souvik’s apartment than any other agent in Kolkata,” Sachin assured Souvik.

Transparent Transactions

Home Storeys from the house of NK Realtors continues with NK Realtors’ tradition of transparent dealings.

Real estate transactions are often non-transparent with changing terms and conditions, and hidden factors.

For Home Storeys, this is not the case.

There are no hidden surprises and resale properties are listed on the Home Storeys website.

However, Home Advisors often go beyond helping homeowners like Souvik to sell their apartments and advise on other related factors.

The tax implications of reselling the flat, for example. And how to minimise that.

Home Storeys boasts of a massive knowledge base, network, and resources that are difficult to match.

Souvik profusely thanked his colleague for introducing him to Sachin.

And only in a matter of days, Souvik could sell his flat and raise money to buy a bigger one.

Sachin also helped him with that.

But that is another story.

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