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Innovative Ideas to Maximize Space in Small Apartments

small apartments decor

Since her college days, Ruchira was chased by a dream.

A dream so compelling that she often lost herself for hours into it.

Her friends used to ask her a barrage of questions. They often laughed about it.

Nevertheless, Ruchira could not stop her dream.

Today, Ruchira is happily married to Koushik.

It seems that her dream is set to come true.

Koushik and Ruchira, both from Durgapur, have purchased a small, cozy apartment in South Kolkata.

After years of hoping and planning, Ruchira’s dream came true.

Now it’s time to decorate her small apartment for maximum space and livability.

Small Apartment Decor Theme

Thoughtful decor will create an impression of spaciousness in a small apartment.

There are some clever tricks that are very useful in this regard.

For example, using large mirrors will make the rooms appear larger.

Let us discuss some of these ideas.

Use Smaller Furniture

One of the best ways to make a small apartment look neat is to use small, light furniture. Avoid heavy, dark-coloured furniture at all costs.

Smaller furniture allows for more space for movement.

Choose low seats over traditional heavy sofa sets. This gives the illusion of a spacious room with a casual look.

Even dining table chairs can be minimalistic to save space and clutter.

A good idea is to use wrought-iron furniture. They come in many forms and are quite versatile based on the layout of your apartment.

Wrought-iron furniture does not look heavy.

Use Large Mirrors

Using large mirrors will help the room appear larger visually. Placing mirrors opposite windows will reflect light and the room will appear bright and large.

Mirrors with trendy designs can be style statements too.

Use ample lighting along with the mirrors so that the room appears dazzling.

Make a Wall as the Focal Point

There are various ways the design a wall that is the focal point of a room. It creates a visual depth and can transform your living space.

You can use designer textured paint to separate the wall from the other walls.

You can also hang artwork on the wall that will give it a unique appearance. Check this article for some amazing ideas about how you can incorporate folk art in your home decor.

Macrame wall hangings and 3D paintings are also excellent choices for this design.

Consider Using Wall-mounted Lighting

Wall-mounted sconces can take up less space than elaborate lighting fittings. They create a modern understated impression suitable for modern homes.

Judiciously Paint Your Home

Careful painting can completely transform the looks of an apartment.

Using predominantly dark paints can make a small apartment appear cluttered but light colours with some application of dark colours in some areas usually make the flat look bigger.

Use light colours on all exposed areas such as the walls and the furniture. Use dark colours only sparingly.

Create Unobtrusive Storage Spaces

Small apartments need to look uncluttered and carefully planned storage spaces go a long way to create that look and feel.

Let’s discuss some of the smart storage space ideas to unclutter your home.

The obvious and most popular storage idea is under-bed boxes. These are absolutely must-haves.

Moreover, you can also create under-window-sill storage spaces. They can also double up as relaxing spaces.

Another storage idea. which can save space, is investing in benches or seating with storage options. This can make your room look bigger while reducing the clutter.

In a small apartment, it is a good idea to use some of the available vertical; spaces. Install multi-purpose hooks, which can be used to keep things and save a lot of space. Go for sturdy hooks, which can hold chairs if required.

Use Partitions to Enhance Privacy

There are a variety of partitions available for apartments. They can be glass partitions, foldable wooden partitions, or curtain dividers.

A glass-paneled screen can bring sufficient visual separation to the home while allowing ample light. Placing a folding screen gives privacy and the illusion of a bigger room.

Choose curtains over doors, which will not block light and make the room brighter and spacious. Pick curtains with colours that suit your interior design.

Partitions help to separate functional areas in an apartment, e.g. sitting area can be demarcated from the dining zone.

Additionally, they can be used to used to protect the privacy of the homeowners.

NK Assist at Your Service

Decorating a small apartment can be a challenge. There is always the dilemma of what to keep and what not to.

NK Assist, a division of the House of NK Realtors, can help you get over this indecision in a budget-friendly and professional manner.

Get is touch with us today and see how your home is transformed exactly like your dream.

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