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One Big Factor Every Homebuyer Is Considering While Buying an Apartment in Kolkata

hospital em bypass

When the Roy family decided to buy an apartment, they considered one big factor while considering various residential projects.

The Chatterjee family also gave this factor the most importance when they decided to buy a home in Kolkata.

The Chowdhurys also greatly emphasized this important factor before making their home purchase.

There was a valid reason why all of them gave this factor the most importance.

We will see what this important factor is in a moment but before that let us see how a pocket of Kolkata has been transformed.

EM Bypass — the Transformation

It has been more than 40 years since the EM Bypass became operational and over the years this road has massively transformed the areas around it.

Initially, the Ultadanga-Science City section was operational and later it was stretched to Ruby Hospital. Currently, EM Bypass goes beyond the Kamalgazi crossing and extends to the Southern Bypass. Southern Bypass is a hotspot of property development at this point in time.

Now, areas near the EM Bypass are highly preferred by homebuyers.


There are various reasons why the locations are deemed to be great places to live.

The most significant change the EM Bypass brought about was fast connectivity between the northern and southern parts of Kolkata.

While it take a long time to travel from North to South Kolkata, EM Bypass considerably shortened it.

Let us remember that the EM Bypass became operational before the North-South Metro corridor (now known as the Blue Line).

Now, connectivity to and from the EM Bypass will further improve as the Airport-Garia Metro (the Orange Line) and the Sale Lake Sector 5-Howrah Metro9the Green Line) are fully operational.

Traveling to any part of Kolkata from the EM Bypass will be far easier.

EM Bypass — the Changing Landscape

Over the years, the EM Bypass was completely changed.

It is now dotted with high-end hotels, restaurants, and shopping and entertainment centres.

Furthermore, several educational institutions have come up near the Bypass.

Moreover, the Rashbehari and Park Circus connectors as well as Salt Lake Sector 5 are also close to the Bypass.

The extension of EM Bypass towards the South has also opened up more areas for development. Areas such as Ajaynagar, Mukundapur, Garia, and Southern Bypass.

Areas close to the Bypass have benefitted substantially from the transformation of the arterial road.

These areas are also well connected to the Bypass and the Metro.

EM Bypass — Speedy Connectivity

Apart from the comprehensive infrastructure that has come up around EM Bypass, speedy connectivity is one of the biggest advantages of living here.

This makes it rather easy to travel through this road, especially when you are pressed for time.

For example, when you need to reach a hospital first in case of an emergency.

The good part is that there are many healthcare facilities around EM Bypass.

If you live close by, you can reach a hospital within minutes.

This is especially reassuring for families with children and senior citizens as they might need urgent medical attention at any time.

This is one of the biggest considerations of the Roys, Chatterjees, and Chowdhurys when they bought an apartment because all these families had old members.

EM Bypass is truly a healthcare hub right now.

Let’s see how comprehensive the healthcare infrastructure is around the area.

EM Bypass — the Healthcare Hub of Kolkata

The EM Bypass area is dotted with high-quality private medical facilities:

  1. Apollo Hospitals
  2. AMRI Hospital (close to EM Bypass)
  3. Manipal Hospital (close to EM Bypass)
  4. ID Hospital (close to EM Bypass)
  5. Ruby General Hospital
  6. Fortis Hospital
  7. Genesis Hospital (close to EM Bypass)
  8. Medica Superspeciality Hospital
  9. Techno Global Multi-Speciality Hospital
  10. Narayana Hospital – RN Tagore Hospital
  11. Peerless Hospital & B K Roy Research Centre
  12. HHP Hospital

Apart from the above prominent hospitals, there are also other hospitals that can be reached within a short time from EM Bypass.

Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals Expands to Sonarpur

Apollo Hospitals is one of the most renowned hospital chains in the country.

As part of its planned expansion program, it acquired a partially built hospital in Sonarpur.

This hospital will have 225 beds built over 1.75 lakh sq. ft. in the first phase and will be commissioned in the next 12 months.

It will bring the exceptional medical care of the Apollo Hospital chain to this region.

It will provide state-of-the-art medical care including comprehensive oncology services and radiotherapy.

After the second phase is commissioned, the hospital will have a total of 325 beds.

Benefits of Living in a Healthcare Hub

Living near high-quality hospitals has its advantages.

You can access medical care fast and in some cases, fast medical attention can make a huge difference. In the cases of trauma and other emergencies like a heart attack, time is of the essence.

This is one big factor why homebuyers prefer to buy an apartment near EM Bypass. If you are looking to buy an apartment near EM Bypass, contact us today.

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