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How You Should Prepare Your Home for the Rains

prepare the home for the rains

This year, Kolkata suffered from extremely uncomfortable heat wave conditions. Although the weather is relatively tolerable now (compared to a few days ago), the usual sultry Kolkata weather is ruling supreme.

Every resident of Kolkata curses the unbearable heat and prays for an early onset of the monsoon.

Every citizen keeps an eye (an ear) on all the bulletins from the Met Department.

While we want the monsoon clouds to be visible as soon as possible, we must take a few steps to protect our homes from the rains.

We will discuss the essential steps to be taken before the rains but before that, let us know how every member of the Roy family became a great singer.

How the Roys Improved Their Singing Talent

It was the last monsoon and as usual, the washroom doors of the Roys’ home swelled. Their home has wooden washroom doors and not modern PVC ones.

The wood absorbed moisture and the doors refused to close tightly.

It was often embarrassing for the family as somebody just carelessly opened the door while somebody was inside.

After much deliberation, everyone adopted an innovative solution to the problem.

The solution solved the problem.

The Roys decided that any family member must sing a song as long as he/she is inside the washroom. This gave everyone great practice and everyone became an awesome singer.

However, you should only adopt such practices if you can mesmerize with your singing skills.

This article will tell you how to prepare your home for the rain even if you cannot sing.

Protect Wooden Furniture and Fixture

During the monsoon, wood absorbs moisture from humid air, causing it to swell. This is why it’s important to coat any furniture, window, or flooring with wax coating before the rains to avoid this from happening.

To protect furniture against humidity and moisture:

  •  Apply a fresh coat of varnish/lacquer to prevent the wood from swelling.
  •  Keep wooden furniture some inches away from the wall.
  •  Buy a humidifier to keep the temperature and dampness in check.
  •  Do not clean the furniture with a wet cloth.

Earlier, washroom doors used to be wooden, and during the monsoon opening/closing them was a struggle. Nowadays, PVC doors are used, and the past problems are gone.

(However, you can still practice singing in the bathroom.)

Get Electric Equipment & Wiring Checked

Exposed wires can be a hazard, especially during rain. Even if they are exposed inside the wall conduits, they are potentially dangerous. If they touch moist walls, power bills skyrocket.

Thoroughly check your wires, switchboard, and sockets. You should also check all the electrical appliances such as the geyser, mixer-grinder, and washing machine. If you find any issue, contact an electrician immediately.

It becomes all the more important to fix them if there are small children at home.

Fix any Leakage Immediately

The biggest problem that people face during the rainy season is leakage through walls and windows.

Ensure that there is no chance of any water leakage from any window or pipe. Molds can grow on damp walls and they can create allergies. Besides, damp walls can damage the building’s structural foundation.

During a torrential downpour, you need to protect your home against flooding caused by water coming into your home through the balcony or windows. Cover them with sunshades or awnings that prevent water from splashing into the house.

Inspect the Drainage System

Inspect the drainage system thoroughly and clean any accumulated dirt. Drain clogging can increase the chances of water overflowing into the house. While they can smell really foul to turn you off, they can also be a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes posing a danger to your health.

There should not be any scope for water accumulation. Accumulated water can be a hotbed of dengue-carrying mosquitoes. 

Change the Home Decor

The atmosphere is often gloomy during the monsoons and if your home is brightly coloured, you get an immediate mood-lift.

It is a good idea to change the upholstery and curtains to vividly coloured ones during this time.

It is also a good idea to avoid using rugs and carpets during the rains. Moisture in the air is harmful to them. Molds and pests might make them home soon.

Regularly Clean Stored Goods

Generally, people do not go out much during the monsoons. Stored cloths develop a disagreeable smell and often attract fungus. Keep your wardrobes dry and use disinfectant and deodorizer to keep your clothes free from moisture and bad odour. You can also keep neem leaves or cloves between your clothes as they keep the insects at bay and also keep away the damp smell.

Kitchen stores also suffer from the same problem. The sugar gets sticky, coffee starts freezing up and most ingredients develop weevils. Spices particularly catch fungus and become inedible. To protect them, keep the storage spaces dry and frequently bake the spices on a tawa (frying pan).

The rainy season is not the time to be despised. It is the time when you can enjoy the lush greenery and colourful flower beds, besides the mouth-watering ilish (hilsa) fish curry.

If you take care of your home with your loving hands, you can go through the wet season and be ready for the Pujas.

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