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How to Decide on Suitable Amenities When Buying a Flat in Kolkata?

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When it is a question of buying an apartment in Kolkata, various considerations might get you confused. These days, with real estate companies in Kolkata offering flats with a plethora of amenities, it is even more difficult to decide on the right property to buy.

If you don’t assess your needs carefully, you may spend a fortune on features you’ll not be using. On the other hand, if you purchase a flat that you’re not sure will support your preferred lifestyle, you’ll be disappointed living in it.

So how do you choose to buy a suitable apartment among the sea of choices the property market offers today? What are the amenities you must consider before zeroing in on your dream home?

Let’s discuss.

Focus on Your Present Need

One of the easiest ways to allocate more financial resources than necessary is to buy into a project with amenities you might require in the distant future as your lifestyle progresses. In essence, you are spending money today to buy a piece of your dream future.

In such a scenario, it is easy to get carried away and throw caution to the winds.

However, it is prudent to be realistic about your requirements before purchasing a flat.

A couple of examples will make the point clear.

For instance, a large flat offers more living space and therefore, convenience. This may be a great choice for midsized-to-large families, but it would be an unnecessary expense for a young couple who are at the start of their careers.

Sure, you may feel the need to upgrade once you start expanding your family or become more financially stable, but it’s always better to start with a small flat than struggling to maintain a more spacious home.

The same goes for features on offer.

For instance, a roof garden may sound enticing but if you’re a dual-income household with demanding jobs, will you have time to spend in the garden? Similarly, if you are a young couple with no aged member in your family, buying an apartment with various amenities for senior citizens is a waste —  in terms of both the capital investment and the maintenance costs.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Before deciding on which flat to buy, consider your present-day lifestyle. Consider how you will live in a gated community after you move in.

Are you very sociable and enjoy the company of the other residents a lot?

In that case, a residential complex with facilities like private clubs and lounges will be more appropriate to your lifestyle.

If you are a fitness freak, then opt for a flat with a jogger’s track, multi-gym, or fitness areas.

Do you travel a lot? Do you have elderly parents? Do you have a pet? — These are some questions you may want to ask yourself before purchasing a flat.

Determine Who is Going to Stay in the Apartment

What kind of amenities you should prefer while buying your home?

This largely depends on who will live in that home.

Suppose you are buying a 2BHK flat in Kolkata for your elderly parents, features like a swimming pool, gym, lounges, etc. may not be of vital importance. On the contrary, your focus should be on reliable security arrangements, proximity to healthcare facilities, senior citizens’ walking and socializing areas.

Similarly, if you have kids, you may want a flat that has schools and colleges in the vicinity, while also having appropriate recreational facilities for them.

Another point you must consider is whether you want to buy a flat as a status symbol. If that is your priority, then consider the kind of signature address suitable for that.

Contact us today if you want to know more about lifestyle apartments.

Sometimes, One Big Amenity Defines a Project

You should consider various other factors while buying an apartment, not just amenities.

However, one or two amenities are sometimes the sole deciding factor in choosing a particular project. For example, a residential project with a lot of greenery and waterbody, or a sports-themed project are attractive to homebuyers for those facilities only.

A residential project on the bank of the Ganges is overwhelmingly attractive for that very reason.

Or, for example, a high-end residential tower overlooking the Maidan.

There are various such projects in Kolkata now.

You may contact us for more such offers.

Consider Other Factors

Apart from amenities on offer inside a project, look around the area for other facilities.

Facilities such as connectivity, population profile, schools, markets, and healthcare facilities.

Find out the commute time from your workplace or your child’s school.

Look at all the convenience factors — how easy would it be to live there?

Always consult with a professional property consultant to uncover more information about an area and the project.

Consult us today.

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