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New Hope, New Home on Bengali New Year

poila baishakh

This Poila Baishakh (Bengali New Year) will arrive with a lot of joy and hope for Suchitra.

Their family will move into a new home on that day. The griha-prabesh is on Poila Baishakh.

That morning will be very special in their lives.

A morning puja will be followed by an elaborate lunch. A typical Bengali fare.

Starting with shukto, mung dal, fish fry, echor chingri (green jackfruit with prawns), golda chingrir malai curry, sandesh, and misti doi.

Both Suchitra and her husband are agog with excitement.

The Family Planned a Big Move

In her long career, Suchitra and Binayak rarely experienced such exciting growth opportunities together.

Suchitra, a freelance design consultant, received one of the biggest contracts recently while Binayak received a well-deserved promotion.

While this means additional responsibilities for Binayak, for Suchitra it means a big challenge and bigger money.

Now she must invest in a larger house so that she can expand her working space.

For Binayak too, higher social status must be reflected in his apartment.

They must move into an upscale community now.

“We must buy a ready-to-move apartment. We cannot book an under-construction apartment and wait for years,” said Suchitra.

“Right,” agreed Binayak.

“We will arrange a big party on our griha-pravesh,” Suchitra was drooling. 

Growing Family Needs a Bigger Home

More than a decade ago Suchitra started living in her present home with her husband Binayak. Binayak has been a busy finance professional in a top finance company.

Suchitra still can clearly remember the excitement of buying their first flat. It was a modest 2 BHK apartment in South Kolkata.

She remembered her enthusiasm for decorating her home after spending hours discussing it with Binayak. The pride she felt after they shifted to her home. She went back in time and remembered the griha-pravesh.

But life goes on and soon the family became bigger with the birth of Riya.

As she grew up, she needed a space of her own. Binayak and Suchitra felt that they needed a larger apartment.

On top of it, Suchitra needed a bigger workstation. This needed additional space and privacy.

Buying a Larger Home Has Challenges

They have been toying with the idea of buying a new home for quite some time because of higher space requirement, especially because Riya is growing up.

But they realized that it is challenging to buy a new, more spacious home.

Firstly, they would have to go through the process of selecting a few projects, visiting the sites, and doing all the paperwork.

And Binayak is very busy these days. He can hardly devote enough time to do all these.

Moreover, they would have to think of the cost of Riya’s higher education and marriage.

A larger home will cost a lot as apartment prices have gone up in the last decade.

They were considering how to raise the finances.

While they were considering various options, Suchitra suggested that they can arrange money by selling their present flat.

If that is possible, then there will not be much trouble in buying a new apartment.

But how can they pull it off?

They Opted for Professional Help

It was Sudipto, a friend of Binayak, who told them about Home Storeys from the house of NK Realtors. Home Storeys can solve their problem, Sudipto assured them.

There is a reason why Sudipto recommended Home Storeys.

The homebuying process is transparent and there is no withholding of vital information as is often the practice of unscrupulous local agents. While dealing with local agents, there is always a fear of being duped by unscrupulous agents.

He even shared the name and phone number of the appropriate person.

Soon Binayak and Suchitra were sitting at the Home Storeys office discussing their issue with Sandip, a senior Home Storeys Home Advisor.

Home Storeys has a massive database of prospective homebuyers. You can get a large number of homebuying options and all of them are listed on the Home Storeys website.

Sandip told him not to worry at all.

Binayak and Suchitra were pleasantly surprised by the touching transparency of the homebuying process.

Sold the Old Home, and Bought a New One

It was just a couple of months. Binayak and Suchitra could sell their flat with the help of Home Storeys.

Subsequently, they could buy a new ready-to-move apartment in an upcoming residential complex in South Kolkata.

Home Storeys helped them with that.

Home Storeys has an exclusive database of available ready-to-move homes in various gated communities in Kolkata.

Moreover, they did not have to go anywhere else for legal assistance before buying a resell flat. Home Storeys arranged that.

Besides, Home Storeys helped them get the best home loan deal and assisted them with the interior decor of their home too.

The experience of dealing with Home Storeys was extremely satisfying. It was much more than Binayak expected.

If you want to sell or buy a resell (or new) flat, get in touch with us today.

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