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Reselling Flats will Now be Easier than You Ever Thought Possible

It is comparatively easy to acquire an asset today.

But if you wish to sell and realise the value, the process is not often as smooth.

Especially when you want to sell properties.

It is generally rather cumbersome to sell properties, especially getting purchase inquiries from potential buyers in a cost-effective way.

Also, tackling the legal hassles, and regularly showing the property to potential buyers are also problematic

But all these will be a thing of the past soon. We at NK Realtors are taking steps so that selling your property becomes as easy as taking a walk in the park.

Getting a ton of interested buyers will now be easy. And all the other hassles will cease to exist.

Already, some of our customers found out how easy it is. And benefitted immensely from the service.

Soon, you will also be able to avail of the service.

Why Buy a Resale Flat anyway?

Although the property market in Kolkata offers many options to homebuyers, still they often prefer to buy resale flats.

And there are sound reasons to do so.

Let’s see what they are.

Considerable Saving on GST

Sanjay Srivastav bought a resale apartment at Garia and was happy to save a tidy amount otherwise payable as GST in the case of under-construction flats.

No GST is payable in the case of flats that already received the completion certificate (CC).

Considering that the GST is charged at 5% and as much as 18% on some additions, the savings is substantial.

Apart from substantial savings on taxes payable, there are also other compelling benefits.

Infrastructure is Ready

Generally, affordable sprawling gated communities are built in areas that are somewhat poor in infrastructure but as time goes on and the community is full of residents, additional infrastructure elements catch up.

For example, better connectivity by auto-rickshaw may start from the community itself to the nearest Metro station.

If you buy a resale flat, you are never an early resident waiting for the infrastructure to catch up. The infrastructure is already up and running.

You Can Start Living Immediately

One major benefit of buying a resale flat is that you can start living immediately and wait for possession in an under-construction property.

This gives huge peace of mind as there is no waiting time.

Moreover, there is no fear of delay in the handover of an under-construction property. Delay is handover causes considerable stress in the mind of the homebuyer besides creating financial difficulties.

In fact, we have helped our customer Sanjit Chowdhury to save a considerable amount which allowed him to better manage his monthly finances.

We will see how we did that but before that, let’s see another major benefit of buying a resale flat.

Some Construction Issues are Revealed

More often than not, you get unpleasant surprises as some construction problems are revealed in a new flat.

Sometimes, there is a problem of water leakage, improper fittings, and poor workmanship.

Although WBRERA is now in force, and under it, a fault in a new property ai supposed to be repaired free of cost but it may create some friction with the developer. In a resale flat, such an eventuality is not possible.

All such issues are already identified and repaired.

For example, Mrs. Roy’s new flat had some improper laying of wall putty, and it needed quite a few days to fix it before painting.

Hopefully, in a resale flat, this doesn’t happen.

Better Manage Your Monthly Finances

There is a huge benefit of buying a resale flat.

Especially with a home loan.

You know, you start paying money soon after you get the disbursement.

But imagine that you are staying at a rental flat, paying rent every month.

Regular EMI payment to the bank/housing finance company is added to it and it shoots up your monthly expenditure.

Often it is difficult to manage both these expense items. In the medium to long term, this situation is unsustainable.

Imagine if there is a delay in getting possession of a booked under-construction property.

You have to go on paying both the resent and EMI, breaking your finances.

When you buy a resale flat, you can start living immediately and stop paying rent.

This saves takes a massive load off your mind and there is no fear of financial stress.

Our customer Snajit Chowdhury actually bought a resale flat as per our advice exactly for this reason.

How We Can Help

NK Realtors is shortly launching a resale service vertical for apartment owners and property investors.

The service will offer unparalleled value.

You know that NK Realtors is backed by its cumulative knowledgebase of more than 35 years and the experience of dealing with more than 75,000 customers. We know our customers inside out, we know their demands, their priorities, and difficulties.

This is a quality no other marketing organisation can offer in Kolkata.

This is the reason why NK Realtors is mostly the first choice of homebuyers in Kolkata.

On any given day, we receive a good number of inquiries from homebuyers interested to buy apartments. A lot of them are interested to buy resale flats.

If you wish to sell your flat, we can offer service with speed as we have already a high quality prospect pool who may be ready to buy your property.

You do not need to advertise in newspapers and hope. Week after week. Month after month.

You do not have to enroll your property in a portal and hope that anybody comes across your property details among thousands of listings.

You can get personalised service from us and sell your property much earlier than you have imagined possible.

How Will It Work?

Working with NK Realtors is easy, businesslike, without any trappings of bureaucracy.

If you have a saleable property, you need to just enroll your property with all relevant details and a small fee.

And there is a small point.

We will employ all our massive resources to enable you to sell your property to the right buyer, but you must give an exclusive mandate to us for a fixed time beyond which the fee will be returned.

This awesome service vertical will be launched in a matter of days.

We will start helping property owners to sell their properties as early as January 2023 itself.

Expect the best from us.

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